Why us? That’s a good question. I think the best answer I can give is that it’s because of all the research everyone put in before we even began!

I really wanted to open something that was amazing for both children and their caregivers alike. Something unique, and something for a very specific age group that during their development would make a big difference.

I asked every caregiver I know and used my own (in depth) experiences from all the indoor play places I had visited with my kids to come up with a list of things that I would not compromise on.

There were so many that I won’t write about all the small ones like what type of payments we would receive, but below is a list of some of the big ones that had to happen… 


The feedback I received on this was huge! Most people don’t like that they can’t bring in their own food; me included. So many of us have fussy little eaters, and when they want to eat, THEY WANT TO EAT. People also didn’t like feeling trapped into eating what the company was offering. And, more often than not the prices were really inflated because they had you!

That’s why we encourage you to bring in your outside food. We even added refrigerators to the party rooms so you can keep it fresh.

We do have machines on-site so you can grab a healthy snack, or a little junk ( nobody judging here… lol), and for birthday parties we have partnered with local pizza places if you would prefer we handle it.

All we ask is everyone follow the “school” rules for allergies and please bring peanut FREE choices.


Sometimes you just need a quiet moment with an emotional little one or a hungry baby. Whatever the case we have a nice quiet room for you and your family!


Nobody likes to loose track of their little one(s). That was a big issue for me when they the kids were all little and close in age. That’s why we added the parents viewing are right in the middle of our play centre for easy 360 degree viewing. Complete with artificial turf for a picnic lunch and super comfy leather sofas so you can watch in comfort. And, just to add the icing to the cake… FREE WIFI, how great is that!